Peacock - The National Bird of India


Peacock - The National Bird of India
Peacock - The National Bird of India

Every country has its own special symbols, due to which that country is known all over the world, and these symbols represent the people of that country, its culture, and its ideas. Today we will talk about one such symbol, which is the national bird of India. And we will know which is the national bird of India, so let's begin.

The national bird of India is the peacock. It was named the national bird on January 26, 1963. It was made the national bird because earlier it was found only in India. Peacocks have feathers and colors. deep blue-green and purple with thick golden haloes. Peacocks are also white.

 Peacocks are also found in the form of cobras and chickens. The blue peacock is called the national bird of our country. The length of the blue peacock is around 100 to 120 cm. The peacock is called the "king of birds" due to its immense beauty. You all have seen peacocks in zoos or on TV. must have seen. There is no other feather in the world that is more beautiful than this.

The entire body of the peacock is covered with feathers. Its wings are quite large, on which circles are made like the most beautiful, bright eyes. The neck of the peacock is long. The head is round and small. Its beak is slightly larger than that of a rooster. The beak is red. Peacock eyes are also beautiful. bright eyes like pearls. There are ear holes in their armpits. These holes are hidden. The top is also double-sided. These holes are nose-shaped.

Its tail is quite long. There are coloured circles on the tail that look like eyes. A peacock has more than one hundred and fifty feathers in a bunch on its tail. I have already said that the peacock is considered the most beautiful bird in the world. The peacock is not so beautiful. Peacock feet are not beautiful. The feet are like chickens. The colour of the feet is black. They are ugly. Even a peacock feels sad when he sees his feet. His voice is also not very good.

Peacock feathers were also used for writing in ancient times. In addition to India, the national bird of Myanmar and Sri Lanka is the peacock. The life of a peacock is twenty-two years. There are about six, eight, or ten peacocks in a flock. Earlier, there was a lot of peacock hunting. Peacock hunting has been banned in our country since 1972.

Peacock's favourite foods are fruits, grains, and insects. Peacock also eats gram, wheat, brinjal, tomato, and onion. The peacock eats insects that damage the fields. That's why the peacock is called the friend of farmers. Peacocks also eat lizards and snakes. It catches the snake and swallows it. It is also said that there is no fear of snakes in the house where there are peacock feathers.

What beautiful things are made from peacock feathers? Peacocks are usually found in the dense and high forests of the warm regions of the world. It is also found in Burma, China, and the Eastern Islands of India. Peacocks are found in the forests of Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

The peacock likes to live in an open forest on tall trees or on mountain slopes. The peacock's wings are big, but it can't fly very high. Seeing the black clouds in the sky, the peacock spreads its wings and dances. At that time, four moons were added to its beauty. But when he looks at his ugly feet, he stops and becomes disappointed.


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