Chukar - The National Bird of Pakistan

Chukar - The National Bird of Pakistan
Chukar - The National Bird of Pakistan

If you want to know what the national bird of Pakistan is, then you have come to the right place because today we are going to talk about the Pakistan National Bird, so stay with us.

The Chukar, the national bird of Pakistan, is unique among many other birds for several reasons. According to research, this bird is generally recognised as belonging to the pheasant family. About the types of Chukar, experts say that the height of all its species is usually the same as that of a pigeon or a pheasant. while its legs and beak are red in color. Chukars are found in different regions of the world in black, brown, and white colors.

Its flight power is extremely fast. And being a very sensitive bird, it tries to save its life by immediately recognising its predator. But biologists say that although the female chakur gives birth to babies herself, she also indulges in the crime of stealing eggs from other birds' nests.
Many people say that when a female chakor wants to give birth, she tries to hide herself in the soil. by the heat of which she becomes pregnant without any male Chakur. But nothing like that is possible. Hunters know that its meat is very tasty to eat.

Popularity of Chukar, the national bird of Pakistan, in China

Due to the improvement of the local living environment in China's northern Shaanxi Province over the years, not only has the number of Pakistan's national bird, the Chukar, increased significantly, but the lives of local villagers have also improved. The efforts of local villager Yang Jian Guo have played a role in achieving these improvements.

In recent years, the conversion of hilly land into forests has improved the local ecological environment and increased the number of wild animals such as herons and golden pheasants. Thanks to the promotion of photographers, bird lovers come to take more and more pictures. Now the village of Yang has become a popular destination for bird lovers. The influx of tourists has also improved the lives of local residents.

Capitalizing on this emerging birdwatching trend, local tourism flourished, and more and more villagers began participating in wildlife conservation efforts.


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