Chapli Kabab - Ingredients - Recipe - Method

Chapli Kabab - Ingredients - Recipe - Method
Chapli Kabab - Ingredients - Recipe - Method 

While Peshawar is famous for its historical traditions, culture, and civilization, it is also known for its delicious and attractive food. One of the best dishes is chile kebab. There are those who are loved all over the country, and people call for them by name. So let's find out.

Chapli Kebabs

The taste of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Chapli Kebabs is second to none. Chapli Kebabs are made all over the province, but Peshawar's Chapli Kebabs are famous for their deliciousness and taste not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Chapli Kebab has a unique place in cuisine because it is within the reach of both the rich and the poor. In every market, food street, and every village outside the city of Peshawar, there is a Chapli Kebab pan.

The aroma of making chapali kebabs attracts not only locals but also foreigners. Chapali kebabs are mainly made from beef, but they can also be made from goat, lamb, and chicken meat.

Chapli kebabs are consumed all year, but their popularity skyrockets when the winter season arrives. It is a sign of its popularity in the province that heart disease patients or those who avoid eating large amounts of meat for some reason also indulge in a little bit of badness during the winter season.

Chapli Kebab is currently not limited to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but now it is loved all over the country. Minced meat of buffalo neck, thigh and hand is used in its preparation. The finer the minced meat and onions, the better the kebab will be.

The kebabs made to special order are topped with cow's milk, ginger, garlic, green onions, green coriander, spices, goat's milk, and eggs, followed by cow or buffalo fat, which is rendered in Pashto. It is said to be fried in it.

Kebab makers consider fat to be an essential ingredient of chapli kebab. They say that because the kebab is fried in fat, it becomes more flavorful or spicy. Some people fry them in cooking oils of their choice and consume them.

Chapli Kabab in Kpk

After Peshawar, Takht Bai, Taru Jabba, Mayar in Mardan, Shankar and Rashkai in Swabi district, Kalu Khan, and Shahbaz Garhi are examples of Chapal Kebab flavor. It is not possible to go to these places and come back without eating kebabs. This is how the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa treat their guests with chapli kebab. Don't have chappal kebabs in the guest's meal; this can only happen in places where chappal kebabs are not available.


Gheem 1 kg (finely ground)
One pail of corn flour
Crushed red chili, one teaspoon
4 green chillies
2 teaspoons dried coriander (roasted and coarsely ground)
one teaspoon white cumin
(ground and roasted)
Four tomatoes
One onion
Oil for frying
Four eggs
Green coriander
Mint as desired
Two tablespoons of
pomegranate seeds (coarsely grind)

How to make Chapli Kebab

Recipe: 1 Finely chop the tomatoes, green chilies, coriander, and mint. Grind the spices coarsely and mix them with white cumin in the mince, as well as adding the beaten corn flour and eggs. Now make medium-sized kebabs. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry golden sesame. Peshawari Chipli Kebabs are ready.


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