Best computer science universities in Pakistan


Best computer science universities in Pakistan
Best computer science universities in Pakistan

If we talk about Pakistani universities, compared to most countries in the world, Pakistani universities are quite good in terms of educational standards and facilities, and students from different countries come to study in universities and strive to make their future bright. Today we will talk about the Best computer science universities in Pakistan.

As soon as the students pass FA/FSC they start looking for good university based on their merit so today we make a small effort to help those students who have passed FA/FSC exam & now they want to take admission in computer science.

Mentioned below are some of the universities that are famous as the "best CS universities in Pakistan."

1. FAST University

FAST University

FAST University Islamabad Campus and FAST University Lahore Campus is a reputed institute, this institute is the best in computer science, it provides quality education and its students are hired quickly in interviews. In this university, students are made practical in everything and more priority is given to practical. 

All comforts and facilities are available to the students in this university. These universities cater to all the basic needs of students and have competent and hardworking teachers who have been performing their services there for many years. Along with this, the air here is clean and the atmosphere is good, due to which diseases can be avoided.

2. NUST University

NUST University

The merit of NUST University is a little higher but meritorious students can easily get admission in it. NUST University is famous all over Pakistan for Mechanical Engineering but it is second to none in the field of Computer Science. Regarding computer science, this university is famous in Pakistan which is providing its services for many years.

3. COMSATS University

COMSATS University

This university is also a brand in Pakistan. Brand means that if you go for an interview somewhere, they will hire you just by hearing the name of the university. In this university also the department of computer science is a unique department of its kind which enhances the skills of the students. The merit of this university is not high but the fee is a little high.

4. GIKI University

GIKI University

GIKI University is counted among the great universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it is famous all over Pakistan for it's educational services.

This university is quite ahead in other fields but in computer science it is ranked fourth if you can pay its fees and you belong to this province of Pakistan then GIK can be a great choice for you.

5. Lims & IBA Universities

Lims & IBA Universities

Lims and IBA these two universities have been placed at the fifth position. These two universities are mainly business universities but their services are also quite good in terms of computer science. Apart from that, their environment is very good and the students are here have a lot of fun.

6. AIR University

AIR University

 Air University is also one of the top universities in Pakistan in terms of computer science studies. This grand university is located in Islamabad and you have to first give NTS test or the university's own test to get admission. This university has two admissions in a year.

7. PIEAS University

PIEAS University

This institution, which has gained international popularity, is one of the great universities of Pakistan. His services in the field of computer science cannot be forgotten. In order to implement the observations made, the University puts practicals in its priorities. To get admission in this university you have to give the test prepared by this university. Admissions in this university are held only once in a year. 

We have given you some university suggestions based on our studies. Now you should do more research in this matter and choose a good university for yourself.


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