what is guest posting?

what is guest posting?
what is guest posting?

Today, guest posting is a popular way to get your website ranked in Google. An example of a guest post is like a vote we take for our website from other's websites. Admins of some websites provide this facility for free and some websites which are of high quality charge money for it. Guest posting is extremely important for a website's search engine optimization. So let's first understand what posting actually is?

What is guest posting?

As the name suggests post means guest and post means to publish an article somewhere. Similarly, an article of ours that we publish on someone else's website is called a guest post. Articles we publish on someone else's website contain one or two links to our website due to which the readers of this website reach our website and thus our website traffic increases. Not only that, but now our existing links in the article on the website are like a vote which improves the ranking of our website in Google.

Why is guest posting important?

As we have mentioned above that posting plays an important role in the ranking of our website so let's talk about it some more and trying to figure out how guest posting works?

When we create a new website, Google doesn't give it much importance due to its newness and doesn't show its article on the first pages. Gradually, as the website gets older, its domain downloads and domain rankings increase, due to which Google starts giving it more importance.

Every website owner wants Google to give importance to his website article and show it to more people. To achieve this goal he posts guest posts from various websites, which increases his domain authority and domain ranking in the eyes of Google and makes his articles reach more people.

Pros and cons of guest posting

1) Guest posting increases the domain authority and domain ranking of a website which leads to search engines and millions of visitors.

2) If your website is one where you sell various things, the readers coming from there can also be your customers.

3) If the site is shown in the first pages of Google, it will get more traffic and your earnings from AdSense will be higher which will benefit you.

4) Remember that just as guest posting can benefit you, you can also suffer losses if you guest post from a wrong website or from a junk website like taking a guest post from a website whose domain authority and domain racking has been raised in an illegal way. Often Google catches such websites and increases its spam score due to which if we link from that website, our website Caspian score will also increase which is harmful.

How can we get a guest post?

If you want to listen to the conversation of any website, you should contact its admin and tell him I want to put a post on your website if he gives you permission then you will be able to publish your guest post on his website and you can get backlink from his website. Or for taking guest post you can also take help of Fiverr, Upwork and other such websites where different people are providing this facility. 

Also, through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn you can also find people who sell guest posts and you can get guest posts from them too. However, I give you useful advice that you buy the post from someone who is trusted and will provide you with the best facility.

However, if you don't want to guest post and are thinking of improving your website ranking, it is also possible and you can also increase your domain authority and rank in Google through niche edits and link insertion.

Guest posting as a business

You can also start guest posting as a business. The process is that you first contact the website owners and get their permission to post our client's article on your site. If you want to publish it, you will provide this service to us for free or charge some fee for it, then he will inform you in advance. In this way, you will deal with the website owner and after the deal, you will sell the service to your client by adding some money to him and earn money by publishing his article on the desired website.


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